49401 - Notes of the past

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklesi

Evangeline: When he read the notes of the past he experienced a mental shock.
Vasiliki: I would have been stunned too. This is unbelievable!
Evangeline: You’re right, what else can I say?
Vasiliki: At the time he was trying to live besieged by the black plague, he was thinking of the other and how he had to give him courage so that him too overcomes the difficulties of the pandemia which besieged him.
Evangeline: Such humanity, o Christ.
Vasiliki: All of us would look at our self and only that, in such a situation.
Evangeline: But he was also thinking of others.
Vasiliki: The Comedy helped him.
Evangeline: The Devine Comedy.
Vasiliki: Yes, this one but who would expect it?
Evangeline: The other reader.