49402 - The unexpected page

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklesi

Paul: – It’s unbelievable! Whom am I to tell this to. He placed an letter within his work…Time. He didn’t forget the future…And I who thought that nobody can understand what I am living these days, an letter arrives from the deep past to remind me about the love of humanity, at a time Mankind is struggling. Silence. Before, I was feeling so alone that I had to take again Dante’s Divine Comedy and then that strange idea touched me, that someone centuries ago could have made the same move. Time. But now what can I say? This Salvatore without knowing me, without knowing if I exist somewhere in the future he thought or rather he thought of me, yes this is it, he thought of me and he thought that there may be a possibility that I need him, to need a message of support to overcome this treacherous pandemic. Time. But he wrote when he was in the same phase …I had read Wittgenstein he had wrote Tractatus in the trenches at the time we was fighting at the front. Here though things are even deeper, Salvatore is talking to me, to Paul, he thinks of me, he tells me that I am his , he sends me a message of support when I cannot offer him anything at the time that he is trying to escape this black plague with the poorly means that Mankind had at the time. And I was wondering how we are going to make it in the twenty first century, when medicine belongs to another universe relevant to his era, while he couldn’t imagine such technology and how could he think of computers and the Internet. Silence. I don’t know how to thank him of rather I know…Silence. I received your letter, I found it in a history book which made reference to a calendar. And now after centuries I know at last that you thought about me even at the time of the plague. So I want to write that indeed Mankind did overcome that pandemic and even if Europe lived, after one century, difficult times and plunders, she was finally liberated by the yoke of barbarity and in between she discovered the New World, which you couldn’t even imagine. So know that your letter changed me and now I will actively fight also to this new Struggle of Mankind because the value of some people like you proves that we must not die. My Salvatore, we will resist and we will get on with counterattack against this pandemic.