49433 - Worries for the future

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklesi

Paul: I feel it, Salvatore is not only concerned with the survival of his era but with the continuity of our civilization. He is not only thinking of the next pandemia, namely the disease. He fears the consequences of the Black Plague. It is like he can foresee the Fall of Constantinople. In essence he sees the red geopolitical pandemia who will take advantage for its benefit, the Black Plague. I cannot understand how his altruism can overcome the century but I see it. And he surpasses it with no difficulty. He doesn’t have only the color of his era. He too is a chameleon who feels in the depth of time the others. So he is capable of crossing the centuries to send messages. He thinks from before the after. In the domain of religion he would have been at least a prophet. However, he sees and worries about us, about me even if he doesn’t know me, even if his life is in danger every day because of the Black Plague. It is as if we had someone now worrying about the problems that Mankind will have in centuries when they will be in Mars. It is simply unbelievable. But maybe the most unbelievable is that these chameleons really do exist, who don’t look at their self and others of the same era but the whole Humanity because they are her Servants from the beginning of their life.