49455 - The beginning of Spring

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklesi

Salvatore: The spring arrived! Time. Many people didn’t even expect it this year. Time. They thought that this black winter would never be over. They didn’t’t know about the resistance of Nature. Silence. All this time I would see through my window only dead trees or at least that was the impression the trees without leaves were giving me. Every day I was looking for the slightest trace, some sign that the generosity of Spring would leave. But in vain. And I couldn’t convince anyone that Spring would arrive. But today, in fact this is why I am writing to you, I finally saw traces also on the trees. Because flowers don’t suffice, you always have to look even on the trees because these endure, they know about strategic robustness. This way I located the first leaves of green. They hardly appeared, but know that I saw them because I know where they would appear. Maybe others didn’t see them but to me this is proof that Spring would win the pandemia. The black plague could exterminate so many people, but it was incapable of stopping the arrival of Spring. The pandemia whether it liked it or not the time of renaissance had arrive on time. So this destruction wasn’t invincible. We only had to continue the struggle to follow the path of Spring. Nobody would see in the same way this spring. And this is what I want for you, if you live in the same era to understand how important it is to escape the trap of another pandemia.