49703 - Is it true?

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Evagelia: Is It True?
Ioannis: What ?
Evagelia: That they’ve shut down the churches in the Holy Land?
Ioannis: Yes it’s true …
Vassiliki: This is not the most important thing…
Lucas: What else could be more important?
Vassiliki: When it was the last time that that occurred !
Loukas: Don’t tell me …
Evagelia: Tell us, tell us.
Ioannis: Yes indeed, tell us I don’t know that either .
Vasiliki: During the Black Plague era.
Lucas: Unbelievable!
Evagelia: Yet again true…
Vassiliki: One year before Sotiris started writing to us…
Ioannis: This is in fact more important than a simple shut down
Evagelia: I am amazed that some here were reacting to the closure of the churches.
Vassiliki: That’s what they said, because they didn’t know any better
Lucas: And they didn’t know that they had shut down the Holy Land …
Evagelia: Is it not strange that they had shut down those eons precisely.
Ioannis: It gives us yet an extra common point with the epoche.
Lucas: It’s as if the stranger knew it as well.
Vasiliki: How can you say that.
Lucas: I don’t know, but that’s how I felt about it.
Ioannis: The time of need arrived again.
Evagelia: I hadn’t imagined it to be of such magnitude …
Vasiliki: Now you all know about it.
Lucas: About that miracle as well.