49738 - Accusation

N. Lygeros 
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias 

Lucas: I don’t know how we ought to deal with it …

Vasiliki: What are you talking about…

Ioannis: Probably about China.

Evagelia: What happened with China?

Lucas: She’s trying to cover up her crimes.

Vasiliki: In what manner?

Ioannis: She is sending help everywhere…

Evagelia: So that they forget what she did?

Loukas: Or maybe what she didn’t do!

Vasiliki: Yes of course.

Ioannis: As if all the crimes that this regime resulted to, were not enough, it had to give us this pandemia!

Evagelia: wasn’t it an epidemia in the beginning.

Lucas: That’s the point. Time The inaction of the political party allowed the epidemia to become a pandemia!

Vassiliki: And all these so that her ideology would not be blamed!

Ioannis: By nature she is against Humanity.

Evagelia: Now however, she again utilised her crime in order to save her hide.

Lucas: To save what, now that we all realized how guilty she is!

Vassiliki: You haven’t seen anything yetl

Ioannis: What do you mean? Is there anything which could be worse?

Evagelia: What could it be?

Lucas: I’m sure that the regime hid the real death toll.

Vassiliki: It surely did that as well.

Ioannis: We’ll find out more later on, but when?

Evagelia: When the abolition of the measures occurs. It is the Chinese themselves who will tell the truth.