49766 - The light of the world

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias
Narration: Eleni Karpouzis

Sotiris: The light of the world is essential to life.
We see it better now, that we are confined at home for our safety Whereas before we were wasting it.
Now every drop of light constitutes a handful of life for our existence.
However the light wants love.
This is what faith says.
That’s what we see alone and together.
There is a pressure from which we ought to get rid of.
It’s not all merely a matter of deaths and cases.
We ought to love one another, even when the other is constantly beside us and breathes the same air as us.
It is difficult to share a deep breath, that also requires the necessary exceedance from us towards the others.
I am alone within my own home, but I also think of the difficulties of others who are many, within the same space.
They also require help so they don’t become enemies with each other.
Because now that we know how the pandemia will end, we have to endure the narrow space.
And that is why we ought to comprehend that time is the space of resistance and through it we have a way out.
The ramifications of Time allow us to escape cognitionally from the space, which is dominant as a problem and not as a solution.
Many merely want to go out in order to find a solution, whereas that exists within their home.
Life is within us and we resemble books within a narrow space.
But books are happy to be together, all though they seem entrapped.
You decide whether you are free or not.
I don’t know how your own people are, but I want you to take care of each one of them.
The knight without an armor told me, that only in this way they withstood the attacks of barbarism.
Because love is a form of defense, a protection.
It’s not with that, that the pandemia will depart, you should know it!
Whereas joy allows for a counterattack against barbarism as well.
Tell your own, those who are sharing the same epoche with you, that you will go on a counterattack, and that this will occur only due to the power of joy, and not merely to love.
And joy ought to be shared, because it is the light of the world, and thanks to that, we will defeat the darkness of the pandemia.
I want you to imagine Humanity happy.
Take it as something granted.