49918 - The testament

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklesi

Salvatore: We live in eras that don’t give great attention to humans. They believe they are expendable. You know, as humans do with the flowers of the valley. Time. They cut them and step on them as if they don’t matter, because they believe there are plenty. Silence. They don’t realize that elsewhere there are minimal and that they are rare. Over there maybe they wouldn’t dare do the same. While I belong to those who give attention to each one, because I see that it is a gift of nature to beauty. Here my ideas are strange, but I appreciate that you have the same ones because you are reading these pages, while they don’t belong to your era. Besides isn’t it the same with books? After centuries they may become rare and each one has to be protected. So why not protect them from the beginning? Isn’t that what we have to do with humans? We don’t have to become rare before we protect them. This is how I think of the dead who died alone without being able to be followed to their last journey. Imagine if they hadn’t given any instruction to anyone, for how the work must be continued. This is the issue of the testament and not all disciples have to think what our children forget. If you only knew how many left without leaving a trace in this period. Even the cut flower leaves behind its roots for the continuity. While with this black plague it is like being eradicated. Because nobody has enough time to help. We would have to think from before what to do, so that we don’t forget what is important for humans. So I started writing for those who died, without of course knowing them personally but I wanted somewhere for a document to exist which speaks about them also after centuries. But to be sure that these notes aren’t lost, I have thought of a place where nobody goes so that I leave these elements for the future. And if you’re reading them after centuries, it means that we managed to save their mnemosyne so that it lives even beyond their death.