49999 - The exodus

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Sotiris: We had to leave the area quickly. Barbarism took advantage of the situation in order to eradicate any human being which the authority considered hostile.
The entire region was still an occupied territory and the liberation would require many sacrifices and time. Silence.
Meanwhile, the people had to survive by all means, and
everything had become dangerous.
The Knight without an armor examined every suspicious place. We had to find our own, who were waiting for us in order to get upon the vessel of return.
But everything had become much more difficult.
At every point, at every intersection, there was imminent danger for us.
We were walking fast, the only rhythm which could withstand such pressure.
We went through many narrow paths in order to avoid the main axes which were under control, because the regime was in fact everywhere, and just as we thought we had escaped, at least that’s what I thought, we fell into an ambush.
I wasn’t able to count how many fell upon us simultaneously.
They acted as if they wanted to step upon two ants and wipe them off the face of the Earth.
But they were not aware that we were within breathing distance from our anthill.
Therefore, before the Knight without an armor got hold of the sword with the strange handle, he pulled out another war instrument, and when the loud noise was heard everywhere, our enemies, who wanted to slaughter us at their leisure, got frightened.
The Knight told me to hold the sword horizontally and to simply keep turning around him.
He pulled out two hidden knives from his calves and stood by my side.
As our enemies moved on near us, I began to rotate, and the Knight bent down each time I reached him.
With his technique he had transformed us into a war machine.
We had to withstand until ours arrived.
And that’s what we did. Silence.
That’s how we left for Constantinople.