50178 - Reference to the II century

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Through the astronomer and mathematician
Zhang Heng (78-139)
we observed the first approaches
of number π
from the Far East side
we would have to wait
much longer
for Archimedes to be surpassed,
however the idea of dimension change
was spectacular
and we understood the differentiation
of the circle from the hexagon.
Of course we did not forget Galinos (129-199)
who had recorded all the medical knowledge
of his epoche in a unique composition.
And Ptolemy’s presence was perceptible
(90-170) in the context of Hadrian’s (76-138) Empire
especially after 117. Afterwards the Pope Pius I (140-155) became noticable.
However the big difference occurred by the works
of Ireneos Lougdounos (130-202) who conceived
the form of the New Testament.