50327 - Lifting of measures based upon a reactive strategic mix

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias
Read by Cristine Kehagias

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With the nullification of the number of deaths in Greece, we don’t merely see the effectiveness of the measures which allowed for the drastic reduction of the spread of the pandemia, but also the initiation of thoughts regarding the gradual lifting of the measures.
At this level, the mathematical models of relationships between people in a phase of pandemia, will be under pressure.
And the school opening will constitute a crash test as far as the management of the measures are concerned, but also for the knowledge that it will bring to us regarding the actual situation of the spread of the pandemia nationwide.
Another element of importance will be the usage of masks for the protection of the population, and to what extent there would be seriousness toward the implementation of the instructions.
Because now that the measures will no longer isolate the errors, we ought to be careful regarding all the details, so that there will be the appropriate reactions occurring, as from the moment we have the first new data at hand.
Because as the opening of the stores will take place cautiously, it will be the schools which will make the difference in regards to the first indications.
This constitutes a strategic mix which will give us the capability to control the situation, in order to find a balance between the pandemia and economy without however sacrificing people.