504 - The time of the fighters

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

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If our people were able to overcome the physiological phobias so they can see again after so many years the land of their ancestors, the question is no longer why they did it, but that they did it and massively indeed. We can not ask of every citizen to be a fighter, as we can not ask of every fighter to become a hero. By definition we are many, few and rare. So it can not be used as a negative argument to criticize others. And the new framework provides new capabilities.

The first refugees who did appeal were few and we all know the example of Titina Loizidou. Over the years, the appeals have increased but the percentage remained small. But with the new situations the refugees that saw their homes and their areas, decided to appeal also. Because the appeal is no longer an abstract judicial procedure . Now the appeal is something of substance. Everyone saw his memory and now wants even harder to have it returned to him. No activist , no scholar, was able to convince more of those refugees to resort to appeals than the living image of memory.

So why should we criticize passively or actively our nation now that all these anonymous people became a citizen with a conscience? Quite the contrary with the discovery of the memory of the forgotten land, the people for the first time claim directly the freedom of the occupied territories. What was abstract and belonged to fantasy of some became the reality for many. Peacefully people penetrated the areas that they forbade them for many years.

As for the real fighters, now there is a direct mode of action. And if passports annoy some, the answer is simple: let’s make fake ones! Now we need to organize demonstrations in the occupied territories together with the Turkish cypriots . Using that opening, we not only can endure but also can resist next to our own, the enclaved. We must go in teams to operate our churches, to repair our wounded cemeteries, to demand openly what belongs to us. Each action in the occupied territories is more important than thousands of actions in the free Cyprus. That is why there is no nation that freed themselves without internal resistance.

The barrier of shame and oblivion will not fall by itself and not with the waiting of some that something will occur, neither with easy criticisms. All those years we live with the Cypriot problem in free Cyprus, now we must live with all of Cyprus in the Cypriot problem. Every step, every look at the occupied territories is a small batlle for the Cypriot problem. And that is why we never talked about the Cypriot problem more than this period, the European period.

Now if we want to actually do something for the Cypriot problem we can. The initiative belongs to us and there is no excuse. Let’s fight with our people and let them prohibit our entry for our actions, for our nation.