50931 - EEZ, EastMed and the Law of the Sea

Ν. Λυγερός

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All the countries which are functioning under the natural gas pipeline context, namely Israel, Cyprus, Greece and Italy, have decided that the Law of the Sea will be the one which will act as a legal context regarding all of the procedures.
This is impressive in itself, due to the fact that Israel although it had signed an EEZ delimitation agreement with Cyprus back in 2010, it has not as yet signed the Law of the Sea due to Palestine issue.
Therefore it resulted in transcendence in order to be within the same context as the other countries which have both signed and ratified it.
With this new situation, we are putting Turkey in her deserved post, in regards to the tricks she wanted to achieve with the absurd official Libyan government.
In this manner, the EastMed pipeline overcame all of Turkey’s obstacles and managed to enhance not only the Law of the Sea, but also the EEZs of the 4 countries of the Intergovernmental Agreement.
It is therefore important for the Greek nation to realize that we have achieved a strategic goal, which hereon constitutes an added value for our geopolitics in the Eastern Mediterranean, always coordinated with the energean security of the European Union.