50989 - The EEZ against servility and misery

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

The delays in regards to the progression of the Greek EEZ are due to a dual lack of strategy, which is explained by the background of a society that has been affected by servility.
As a result, the Greek society does not believe that Greece can keep her head above water dealing with Turkey.
Whereas in actual fact the situation of this state does not guarantee it, any substantial superiority
The first insufficiency at a strategic level is the absence of a strategic vision of liberation, which is why many remain merely nostalgic of the past, without believing that anything can change.
The other insufficiency in connection to strategy, is the problem of diplomacy, which is capping it, for no reason whatsoever.
The combination of the two, is explained through phobia.
Therefore, we have phenomena of nihilism which appear, and which are based upon the idea of ​​the absence of the heroes of the past through non-recognition, so that they don’t have any guilty feelings for their non existence.
Consequently, we are observing a socialization of the national strategy which reduces it, to the simple level of a mass management and manipulation, in order to put across, that it is doing something.
But this has the repercussion of regression as a result.
And that is why the prominence of the EEZ is so important.