51266 - No to the re-opening of primary schools and kindergartens

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

It may be that for social reasons and due to political decisions, that some may assume that primary schools and kindergartens ought to re-open, but it is unacceptable on a humane level.
All the countries which tried to open them, even on a voluntary basis, did not manage to stem the sudden rise in the number of cases and deaths because quite simply the young students transmit the coronavirus even when they have no symptoms.
In actual fact, because neither the building structures, nor the teachers can provide the protection for the young students due to the difficulty of controlling the proper behavior required in dealing with the coronavirus and its transmission, it is dangerous to place them in this context.
It may be that those who do not have a direct contact with children and consider the matter strictly technocratically, that they may not even have any guilty feelings regarding the risk the children will face, but parents and teachers who live close to them cannot act as accomplices to this form of passive crime against the little ones.
Consequently, even if the government is slow in making the right decisions because they are being pressured by an indifferent society, we ought to resist for the protection of the young students.
Additionally, no one talks about the psychological trauma we will cause upon them if they attend classes, keeping in mind that they are constantly in danger during this context of the pandemia.
The children trust their parents and their teachers, but what will happen when they realize that they also agreed to send them to primary schools and kindergartens although they knew that there was a danger?