52207 - The need of the glance

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

– We had to climb to the top…
That is where the Byzantine castle was …
Only we didn’t realize how high it was.
We had started by following the steps
which proceeded relentlessly.
It was no longer a mere exercise…
The mission had begun…
And the precipice didn’t change anything at all,
The acrophobia could not come to terms with such
a will.
Each step was more and more difficult.
The castle seemed inapproachable.
Αs if no step could be of some aid.
And yet again we did not stop.
We tried not to look down the side of the cliff.
All our might
was focused on two feet walking .
There was nothing else.
We had deleted everything.
Even the castle no longer existed…
We had decided to follow
those two feet
and no obstacle was able to stop us.
Even that of fear…
Our feet were getting heavier and heavier.. .
The tiredness was getting intense…
And the path was endless.
There were in fact some turns which made the castle disappear.
We didn’t know exactly where it was.
The only certain thing was the ascent.
The upwardness had no stop to it…
At least that’s what we believed.
But suddenly the two feet stopped;
We looked up
and then we saw his smile.
Without realizing it
we had reached the peak
There, where the Byzantine castle was waiting on.
That’s how we saw it for the first time
and we will not forget it.