532 - The myrmidons of destiny

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Angeliki Papadopoulou, Evi Charitidou

Myrmidons: Where is the Centaur hiding?
Achilles: The Centaur is not hiding!
Myrmidons: But there is no trace!
Achilles: Horse’s traces or word’s work?
Myrmidons: And what if it is only a rumor?
Achilles: No, it is only memory!
Myrmidons: When will you see him?
Achilles: Tomorrow!
Myrmidons: Tomorrow?
Achilles: It was written! (Time) He belongs to the future.
Myrmidons: How do you know about the future?
Achilles: I know the past…(Time) There lives the future!
Myrmidons: What do you want from us?
Achilles: Your destiny!
Myrmidons: If this suffices, you have it!
Achilles: If I have it, it suffices!
Myrmidons: You are the mind of the battle!
Achilles: You are the battle of the mind!
Myrmidons: Even though you are young, you are old!
Achilles: Even though I am old, I am young!
Myrmidons: What can a master teach you? (Time). What kind of art, trick, or strategy?
Achilles: The meaning of life.
Myrmidons: Life is nothing. (Time) A lethal moment!
Achilles: But, that nothing, is everything! (Time) A moment of immortality.