53401 - The absurdness of Turkey and the feedback of Greece

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Those who believe that Turkey does in fact obtain a strategy ought to face, not merely its traditional unreliability, but also its ridiculousness.
The moves of the Turkish embassy in Washington are absolutely characteristic of that.
Although the seismic vessel has not as yet left and remains anchored in the port near Antalya, it did not hesitate to announce that it has begun seismic research.
Of course, after a few hours, she withdrew her statements, because even she realized that they made no sense
As a result, from an entire show that had been set up, the mountain gave birth to a mouse.
And again, those who were talking about a hot episode, retracted, and the only thing left from this entire matter is a failed attempt to scare the Greeks.
In actual fact, they merely convinced the serviles and no one else.
The determination and effectiveness of the preparedness
of the Greek navy did not allow Turkey to utilize her challenges.
As a result we continue normally our course, with the signing of the intergovernmental agreement in regards to the EastMed natural gas pipeline and the three certifications from Greece, Cyprus and Israel, the strategic environmental impact study regarding the marine region ​​South of Crete, consisting of marine blocks 15 and 20, and the preparation for the seismic surveys of the ExxonMobil, Total and Hellenic Petroleum consortium.
With these factual data it is proven how rational is the context of the EEZ and the Law of the Sea in general.
Once again, the phobias of some were overcome thanks to the strategy and geostrategy of Greece, without a cost, and with an enhanced credibility, as to how we manage a crisis.
We have proved in a practical manner that we can protect both our borders and our sovereign rights, because we are at a preparedness for any eventuality, a fact which allows us a strategic feedback.