53402 - Joint exercise with Greek F16s and American F18s

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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The USS Dwight Eisenhower nuclear aircraft carrier, as previously planned, brought its F18s to the region West of Crete for the joint exercise with the Greek F16s of Souda. This constitutes a new proof of the credibility of IKe which arrived on time, as planned, after crossing the Eastern Mediterranean through the Suez Canal within Crete, without any problems and without any interference from some Turkish provocation. In fact, for those who find it difficult to believe in the existence of this exercise, with all they hear, we are happy to present the exercise itself, as that evolved today, so that everyone can see in this manner that the F16 and F18 pilots did what’s proper. Consequently we have the example of resistance against the misinformation and propaganda of Turkey, through practical means. After all, this mission of IKe in the region is indicative that none of our own is afraid of anything at all. And this element is a catalyst toward us resulting to developments in the field of the delimitation of the EEZs of Greece, Cyprus and Egypt. . We again thank our people who not only do what’s proper, but they also provide us with proofs in order for the most disbelievers to enjoy it as well.