53462 - An analysis of provocative Turkish scenarios

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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As if the Turkish propaganda wasn’t enough, we ought to negate the domestic propaganda which refers to it as well.
As a result, we ought to put across yet again, that the Turkish and Libyan pseudo-memorandum can not function as role model because it is not merely illegal, but it has also been invalidated by the Libyan Parliament.
It is therefore a useless tool.
The analyses which want Palestine to sign up with Turkey are not only based upon a Turkish pseudo statement, but also upon the irrelevance of analysts in regards to EEZ delimitation issues.
Because Palestine has sea access only through the Gaza Strip and that obtains merely a small triangular EEZ due to the curvature of the land, which is limited by the EEZ of Israel and the EEZ of Egypt.
It is for this reason that it does not even have contact with the EEZ of Cyprus.
Therefore, even if Cyprus and its EEZ did not exist, Palestine could not have contact with any Turkish EEZ whatsoever.

Israel has just ratified the transnational agreement in regards to the EastMed natural gas pipeline together with Greece and Cyprus.
Additionally, in the event of an attack against Israel, it considers that Cyprus will constitute its base.
This is its strategic doctrine.
Therefore it has no intention of breaking any agreement or EEZ delimitation, while it has access to the European market.

Egypt can not gain much in regards to the EEZ, because quite simply Kastellorizo ​​is very close to the Turkish coast and she would have access merely through to half of the distance.
Additionally, Egypt is also in a cooperation context regarding the natural gas pipeline system, through which it has on her side, Italy, Greece, Israel and Cyprus, a factor which allows her to be an exporter for the European market.
Even Libya has an interest in signing up with Greece in order to gain access to the European market.
Consequently, we realize that if we consider merely the scenarios of the Turkish propaganda, we fall into the trap of misinformation, especially when we do not obtain knowledge in the field of EEZ, not theoretical and legal, but practical, in terms of calculating the delimitations of the EEZs within the Mediterranean.
Let’s leave aside therefore these artificial risk scenarios and let’s in actual fact deal with the Greek geostrategy.