53764 - What is proper for Hagia Sophia

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias
Narration: Elena Karpouzis

Back in 2013, muslim extremist wanted to convert the Hagia Sophia Church in Trabzon into a mosque and went to court in order to be vindicated.
Once they achieved their aim, they covered all the icons in order for them to use it as such.
The union of architects however resisted and also went to court to negate the previous decision.
That is what occurred and the church returned to its previous museum context as it was since 1964.
This case was a justification for those Turks who did not accept the barbarism of the conversion into a mosque.
Now, with the modification inflicted upon the Hagia Sophia of Constantinople, we ought to once again resist against this act of barbarism.
Nothing is final as much as the dictator of Turkey says that it is, in an attempt for him to represent the Muslims of the world, although they ask for absolutely nothing.
Only servility believes that we can not change these barbaric decisions.
Consequently, it is our role to move and denounce this crime during time of peace, which encroaches upon the history not only of Christians, but of Humanity itself as well.
Because if we accept this barbarism we will be accomplices of the dictatorship too.