54292 - The EUNOMIA 2020 exercise

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

The fact that France, Italy, Greece and Cyprus are conducting a joint military exercise, and in fact with the name EUNOMIA within a region which supposedly constitutes a Turkish NAVTEX , it is indicative in the most direct manner of who is saying the truth regarding the reality of the matter.
It may be that Turkey is pretending to result to seismic surveys, but all its NAVTEXs have been invalidated by related anti-NAVTEXs by both Greece and Cyprus.
Therefore, none of them left a trace.
And now that Turkey has attempted to get an extension so as to show that it is playing a role within the region, the exercise EUNOMIA formed by the four countries left Turkey not knowing whether she is coming or going.
So the aeronautical exercise proved that Turkey has no role whatsoever in the region.
This is important especially now, that there a need for coordinated actions at both European Union and NATO levels.
We see that finally the positions of the USA and France are aligned with those of Greece and Cyprus.
This of course is hardly independent of the fact that ExxonMobil and Total have signed contracts for exploration and extraction of hydrocarbons with both Greece and Cyprus.
Consequently, energy and strategy function as a whole and as a catalyst, so that military exercises which take place, would explain with the weight of their diplomacy, who is in actual fact the dominant one in the region.
Therefore, all the more, the EEZ provides a practical protection and is no longer merely a theoretical tool for the experts.
The EEZ with its delimitations, has acquired a status which enables the military to conduct exercises in order to enhance it at a practical level.
This is exactly what the EUNOMIA 2020 exercise is responsible for.