54439 - A no holds barred Turkish propaganda

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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With Turkey nothing is ever certain, never . This makes us wonder whether she is in fact aware of where her own EEZ is situated. Because while she is constantly saying that she would like to have common borders with Egypt or even with Libya, in actual fact, if we examine the issue of the Turkish EEZ, even through the middle line, Turkey announces with “provocativeness” a new NAVTEX that ought to frighten us without realizing that a part of it is simply within the EEZ of Turkey. What’s obvious is that Turkey, with all that propaganda she results to, and with all the illegal NAVTEXs she issues in every way whatsoever, she forgets where her limits are. Consequently, instead of scaring us with bravados, she is ridiculed with her own announcements. Things of course are becoming all the more difficult for her because she has to avoid all the new delimitations. She faces some difficulty with the EastMed natural gas pipeline because she is not aware, as to where she needs to stick her own propaganda.