54575 - In the name of God

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vasiliki Baklesi

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If nobody reads the passages of the Old Testament how can one perceive that the New Testament is a reconstruction. The issue is continuity therefore the radical move is an act of barbarity for faith. However continuity cannot be the same, otherwise it is repetition while it needs a transcendence to activate polycyclicity which will permit reconstruction for the Work of Humanity to live. So why change the words of the prophets? On the contrary they must have continuity, otherwise oblivion will conquer and truth will perish. We are not the first, we are the next. And faith has depth of time, because it did not forget the centuries. Also, it is a gift to all but without enforcement. Each one has the right to take it, if they want it, because each one deserves it from the beginning. It is the soul’s right which belongs to the Rights of Humanity and nobody has the capacity to remove it from someone. From the beginning, the thought of Humanity is being expressed, this is why it doesn’t stop in a classical tradition which is by nature dead, because it doesn’t allow the evolution of the humans.