54581 - The Sound of Logos

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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It is one thing to play music and yet another to be a musician.
It is one thing to listen to the Sound of Logos, and yet another to talk about it.
Whoever bans music they commit an act of barbarism, but the same is applicable to him who says that he is at her service, while he is playing anything whatsoever, without ever following what was written down.
They are both barbarians, because the one acts against, whereas the other degenerates.
The musical instrument requires respect, because it says something you are unable to say, and it comes to your support, whereas, without the score, and without the writing, it is a religion without faith.
Whereas faith requires music, since it is aware that it is a way to touch upon the essence, beyond the noise and sounds which don’t constitute the notes of a score.
Therefore, do know, that those who degenerate music are those who play noise and restrain the instrument as if it was enslaved, whereas it requires freedom of expression in order to live through with Humanity.
The Sound of Logos touches upon the innocent because it constitutes the love which always embraces, and not the slavery which always binds in order to impose itself.