54583 - The hand which loves

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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The hand which loves all the notes and must be near them in order to be protect them in the time of need.
Every string is a Righteous who takes care of his Innocent, but he cannot be everywhere.
Everyone is responsible for all of their frets.
However, someone has to defend the entire fretboard, and he has to function everywhere without exception.
That is how you see the role of the Chameleon, so that the sound of Humanity may be heard within Time.
Consequently, don’t be surprised when barbarism wants to shatter musical instruments and or, when it forbids them to enter what it considers sacred.
It does not want the truth of the beauty to be heard, nor the beauty of truth, as if religion ought to be ugly in order to be faithful.
In actual fact, it is quite simply the imposition of a doctrine which hates people.
Whereas the organs obtain the innocence of the pure.
Have this within you always.
The enemies of music constitute enemies of Humanity itself, since music is a gift of Time.