54625 - Towards a Greek-French defense doctrine

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

We have moved on to the next stage of the Greek-French alliance and we are now talking about a mutual defense doctrine.
Whilst Turkey is trying to be in the centre of current affairs, Greece and France are continuing their actions from the edges and the corners of the Mediterranean.
In fact, the Greek Prime Minister and the French President will meet in Corsica in order to implement in practice the necessary conditions for the development of their cooperation in the Mediterranean.
We are talking about the Rafale fighter aircrafts, and the Frégates Belh@rra, but additionally of course, about the mutual energean interests in the marine regions West of Crete, Southwest of Crete and South of Crete, since there is already a consortium between Hellenic Petroleum and Total, but of course Exxon Mobil as well .
Consequently, after the implementation of the intergovernmental cooperation with Italy and Cyprus in regards to the natural gas pipeline, the delimitation of the EEZ with Italy and the partial EEZ delimitation with Egypt, Greece constitutes a reliable and upgraded ally for France, in the context of both the Mediterranean. and the European Union.