54715 - Greece’s military upgrade

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

That, which we have been preparing for some time now.
It is official at this point of time that Greece will acquire 18 French Rafale, which are arriving not only to replace the Mirage, but in order to upgrade our fleet and its force against unreasonable challenges.
It constitutes a confirmation of all that has been said in Corsica and additionally a new stage for our Air Force.
Greece’s armament program is not limited to this alone, since we will also acquire a shipbuilding program for four new frigates for the Navy, and of course modernization of the four “HYDRA” class MEKOs .
They have decided upon anti-tank weapon supply for the Army, of new torpedoes for the Navy, as well as anti-aircraft weapons for the Air Force.
Comes the strategic enhancement of the Defense Industry, the digital reinforcement of Greece through the strengthening of its electronic deterrent power.
The decision for the employment of 15 thousand men and women in all arms over a five year period is also important.
But equally important are the changes which will take place, in order for the certified upgrade of hoplites’ competence.
Consequently, Greece takes initiatives in order to write down its own destiny without phobias.