54747 - In the name of the victims

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

The war had left many people disabled, but who payed attention to those wounded people who had given fragments of their being in the struggle for freedom.
And now it was the Union that ought to fight against this racist organization which stabbed the Republican Senator John Stephens and attacked his family.
It also killed the senator of South Carolina, as well as MPs Benjamin Inge and Richard Burke.
They had also killed the policeman of Wilkinson in Georgia,
It castrated Henry Lowther in order to teach him the difference between whites and blacks.
In Texas the dead slaves where so many, that there was no more enumeration taking place.
Those attacks of barbarism had to be stopped by the new president Ulysses S. Grant who had fought as a general during the war.
He prepared his entire Army General Staff, and managed to pass on the 13th and 14th amendments through the Reconstruction Acts, and with the 15th amendment, he changed the Constitution of the United States of America fundamentally.
Thereafter, the Klan Act was passed on in the Congress, in order for the nullification of that organization to occur.
Then on, it passed on a martial law, in order to arrest thousands of its members.
The racist organization was officially banned back in 1877, in the year that the reconstruction reached completion.