54952 - There is no Thrace without Constantinople

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

The Turks are trying to convince themselves that Imbros and the Gallipoli Peninsula do not belong to Thrace, merely because they want to degenerate its notion.
This however is a mere detail in relation to the Constantinople issue. Because the substance is simple.
There is no Thrace without Constantinople.
The later constitutes the chronostrategic spearhead of Thrace. Thrace doesn’t only function geostrategically, but also topostrategically with the Aimos Peninsula, as well as chronostrategically with Byzantium itself.
The Turks are so afraid of the latter and its dominant symbol, ie, Constantinople, that they want to isolate the latter, even geographically through a canal, because they are unable to alter such depth of history.
Consequently, we ought to not fall into the trap of this shallow turkish propaganda, nor of that of the serviles.
Because if we listened to them, we would have not liberated Macedonia, Epirus or even Thessaly.
We have nevertheless liberated them all.