55005 - Libya’s strategic phase change

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Due to the problems faced by the ruling power in Libya, even though it had agreed to sign the unacceptable memorandum with Turkey, which finally not only did not help it, but it characterized it negatively, we now see a phase change at a strategic level, since now the ruling power itself opts to come to negotiations in regards to the EEZ with Malta and Greece.
This constitutes an absolute collapse of Turkish diplomacy which has failed to have an impact upon the situation in deapth of time.
Additionally the Libyan ruling power had also changed its positions due to the cancellation of the memorandum by the Libyan Parliament, as well as due to the partial delimitation agreement between Greece and Egypt.
With the accumulated problems, the Libyan ruling power was forced to change its initial choices even deeper, and now we are in actual fact seeing the results.
Consequently, even the one who signed the memorandum, and stated that he wants to resign at the end of October, now speaks more clearly and more positively of Malta and Greece.