55218 - European volition and Turkish cowardice

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

It may be that the European Reconquista hasn’t been as yet perceptible even to analysts, even though it has been functioning from 1683 up until 1920.
Even after 100 years, this chronostrategic notion, with the topostrategic implications is in actual fact unknown to non-experts, but its historic reality is tangible.
As a result, it influences historically both the determination of Europe and the Turkish cowardice.
Many say a lot about Turkey, but in actual fact, the moves not only do not produce works, but do not even leave a trace because they are shallow.
This is occurring even now with modern Turkey, which would secretly wished to have the range of the Ottoman Empire, because she probably forgotten how the Sick Man of Europe collapsed.
She tries, at least in communicative terms, to present herself as a regional power, but she does not obtain even this level of ability.
And it is not going to be her NAVTEXs which will change the data, even when they are illegal.
As far as the memorandums she signs, we can see that they end up in the dustbin, as was the case with the Turko-Libyan memorandum.
Consequently, even though she sends research vessels to the Eastern Mediterranean, they will return back to their positions in Turkey, due to cowardice, because there is a European determination.