55254 - The Yavuz departed from the Cypriot EEZ as well

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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After violating for months the sovereign rights of Cyprus, the Turkish drilling rig Yavuz left the Cypriot EEZ.
This is the result of the European will combined with the Turkish cowardice.
The President of Cyprus rose to the occasion, and never left the fight even when he was isolated.
The support of both Greece and France at the final phase, was of great importance, although the EuroMed 7 had already changed the data, by creating an alliance within the European Union against the irrational and provocative moves of Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean.
The significant phase change occurred through the mutual statement of the Member States of the European Union, since the final wording of the text against Turkey clarified that her actions are violating the common interests of the European Union as such, and not merely the sovereign rights of Cyprus.
That constitutes yet another proof, that when a country fights for its rights and takes dynamic initiatives in regards to strategy and energy, then it becomes a recipient of the support of other countries with common interests.