55317 - Canada stopped arms’ sales to the Azeris

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vasiliki Baklesi

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Canada made a decision which impresses in an area which it doesn’t usually operate in this framework. So Canada decided to stop the sales of arms to Azerbaijan because of the situation which exists now in Artsakh. This innovation is important in itself. What make it interesting is the role of the greek lobby in Canada since it made contacts to support the Armenians and to inform Canadians about the facts. So the Canadian Hellenic Congress contributed practically to this astonishing national decision against the barbarity of Azeri Turks. It is an accomplishment and it has to be noted so that it becomes an example for other countries also to emulate. In any case the decision of Canada is another blow so much for the Azeris as for Turkey and especially its president since he was saying that these attacks were a righteous struggle and that he supports them in every way. Artsakh continues the struggle and his enemies have fewer and fewer allies.