55375 - The departure of Barbaros

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Even the most doubtful ones regarding the effectiveness of the strategy of both the Greek and Cypriot diplomacy, ought to admit that the alliance between Greece, Cyprus and France has functioned catalytically at a European level, because the EU decision to state formally and unanimously its dissatisfaction through measures against Turkey, forced the latter to retreat.
Initially, the Yavuz drilling rig departed, and now, at a second stage, the same thing is occurring with the departure of the seismic vessel Barbaros, although its Navtex had not expired as yet.
The Cypriot EEZ is free again, thanks to the Greek resistance and the European determination.
At this point the marine blocks are free, and this is definitely due to the fact that it is time for actions to continue according to the program of the oil companies which obtain contracts with the Republic of Cyprus.
Consequently, we see that, when we have persistence against Turkey’s provocative and irrational attacks, enhancements arrive from countries which have common interests with us, due to the EEZ and the initiatives taken by us in order to create an allied context.