55423 - The poliorcetics of trees

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Before entering the forest
she had never thought
that the poliorcetics of the trees could exist.
She always believed that nature was a spectacle
without a trace of strategy in existence.
However she remembered those words
which had explained the structure of the forest.
How did each tree know that it belonged to it?
How did it communicate with the rest in order to be coordinated?
Was there perhaps any defense against barbarism?
That is what she wondered now that she was within it,
following the dance that had filled her with joy.
She carefully glanced at the view
that was in front of her.
She paid attention to the details
and realized that she was indeed observing
a structure, an organization and poliorcetics.
She heard the leaves which told her
about the secrets of the war
against barbarism.
She couldn’t believe it.
So it was the truth.
The forest was righteous
and it was protecting the innocent.