55753 - Caricature, an element of french culture

N. Lygeros
Translated from the French by Vasiliki Baklesi

Radical separatism wants to muzzle the caricature. It acts as if it has the power to censure free expression in France. It forgets however that the caricature is an element of the french culture so the negation of this element represents a way to go against the French culture. France respects religions and it cannot permit to radical separatism the attack on this matter. Even more she is a laic country. It therefore has no reason to censure free expression which is presented in the form of caricature. On the contrary for the French culture this element is fundamental. To prohibit the caricature, prohibits laughter which is a characteristic of humans. With which right could radical separatism prohibit French humorists. The religious barbarity cannot be permitted in France. Also the decision of the President of France corresponds to the french spirit of liberty. The Human’s Rights cannot be violated on the pretext of radical separatism. In our country, respect for religions exists but nobody has to respect barbarity which goes against Humanity.