56030 - The attacks in Vienna

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

The attacks in Vienna followed the attacks in France, and we ought to finally contemplate holistically the issue of barbarism against Europe.
It is no longer a local phenomenon nor does that concern merely a single country.
After all, it is no coincidence that many European State leaders have already sent messages of solidarity to Austria.
Because the targets associated with Christianity and Judaism are classic ones to the Islamists’ tactics, we know that they aim to provoke a form of secession within European states in order to cause community rifts.
Additionally, these terrorist attacks form a way of even a macabre advertisement to take place in favor of the extremist elements who want to destroy the spirit of Europe, which they view only with hostility.
We ought to beware of the attacks of barbarism against our freedoms.
And we must not forget that Austria had nothing to do with the issue of the caricatures, therefore, there was not even a pretext regarding the excuse given by the analysts who are afraid of their own shadow.