56185 - The Forest of Freedom

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Michael: Why are our enemies so fearful of our green?

Miss: Because it is symbolic.

Michael: And the same is applicable to the cross?

Miss: That is more complicated…

Michael: What do you mean?

Miss: It is related to the eighth king.

Michael: The one who wanted to get married many times…

Miss: Exactly…

Michael: Isn’t it a shame?

Miss: It is, but these things do not change easily…

Michael: But is it a reason for the occupation?

Miss: Of course not! Besides, our flag with the orange upon it states that.

Michael: That’s what I was thinking as well Miss.

Miss: I’m glad, Michael.

Michael: Madam, wouldn’t our flag be the same after the liberation?

Miss: There is no reason for it to change.

Michael: When will we go to the Forest?

Miss: Why do you want to go to the Forest?

Michael: Because that is where I feel the freedom.

Miss: And it gives you courage for the liberation.