56186 - The new path

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Michael: I’ve learned the rhythm, Miss!
Miss: Of the green score?
Michael: Yes, yes and I felt our tradition.
Miss: I ​​see you’ve enjoyed it.
Michael: The flute enjoyed it as well.
Miss: It was a long time since it played so well.
Michael: I thought of playing with it in the Forest also.
Miss: Within the occupied territories…
Michael: Doesn’t that constitute a form of resistance?
Miss: You are right, it is an initiation.
Michael: I want to fight for our Ireland as well.
Miss: But you are so young,Michael!
Michael: Don’t we have rights too?
Miss: Yes, of course!
Michael: Isn’t that what the Rights of Humanity state?
Miss: That is what the Teaching states.
Michael: Then we will go to the Forest!
Miss: We will go together!
Michael: Shall we tell the others as well?
Miss: Firstly we will make sure that there is no danger.
Michael: Fine then.