56187 - When we hugged the trees

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Michael: it seems as though they were waiting for us…
Miss: In a way you are right…
Michael: Here the green is multicoloured!
Miss: It really obtains beautiful shades.
Michael: They all look alike but each one is particular.
Miss: They are like our nation!
Michael: Do you reckon they also feel the occupation?
Miss: The trees are free by nature.
Michael: Like the wind.
Miss: I ​​think came the time for you to play the flute…
Michael: The traditional song?
Miss: Yes, that one.
Michael: Will you sing with me?
Miss: Yes of course since it is for our homeland.
Michael: Would you think the trees may enjoy it?
Miss: We will see it from their leaves.
Michael: And the forest?
Miss: It will be meta-joyous!
Michael: Why this difference?
Miss: Because it is pro Teaching!
Michael: Three, four…