56192 - The language of trees

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Miss: You ought to know, Michael, that the trees heard you as well…

Michael: How do you know, Miss?

Miss: I ​​saw what they had written upon their leaves.

Michael: Do you know the language of the trees?

Miss: It’s a very old tradition… It also has letters…

Michael: Will you teach it to me as well?

Miss: Whatever you want, Michael.

Michael: I already am happy.

Miss: Tell me for what reason…

Michael: Because they are free and their language is free.

Miss: I ​​understand. It is a reinforcement.

Michael: Isn’t that proper, Miss?

Miss: Of course it is. I just had not thought of it till now.

Michael: And don’t the young ones contribute to the adults?

Miss: The Forest is the living proof.

Michael: We ought to come more often.

Miss: You are learning to live free here.

Michael: Here is where I realized that I was trapped elsewhere.

Miss: The Forest belongs to our foundations.

Michael: Is it intertemporal?

Miss: Yes, Michael, it is.