56222 - The Time of Revolution

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Miss: What are you thinking of?
Michael: That we need a revolution.
Miss: What do you mean?
Michael: We should not wait any longer…
Miss: Meaning?
Michael: The Battle does not occur by itself.
Miss: What are you trying to say?
Michael: We ought to be the example.
Miss: Like the Greeks….
Michael: Yes! It is them I remembered .
Miss: You did not forget the lessons.
Michael: We are pro freedom.
Miss: Yes, Michael!
Michael: That’s what I’m thinking of Miss.
Miss: You are doing what you ought to. . You just startled me.
Michael: Why?
Miss: But you are so young!
Michael: But within me…
Miss: I ​​know, I know.
Michael: You,are ready Miss.
Miss: I knew from the beginning that you would set an example.
Michael: I’m glad for you Miss.
Miss: Me too, for our homeland!