56420 - They will not have their way!

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Kaloniki: Why are you like that?

Lysistrata: I get frustrated with men!

Kaloniki: And who is not frustrated?

Lysistrata: But enough is enough!

Kaloniki: What are you talking about?

Lysistrata: About the pandemia…

Kaloniki: Of course for what else! But why is that regarding men?

Lysistrata: But don’t you see how they playing with it?

Kaloniki: What are they playing?

Lysistrata: Well said.

Kaloniki: Meaning?

Lysistrata: They say that they do not need to wear masks!

Kaloniki: They say the same about condoms…

Lysistrata: But now the matter is serious, we can not let them mastu…

Kaloniki: They don’t even do that well either… But tell me what exactly do you want?

Lysistrata: To teach them a lesson…

Kaloniki: Just as we did in the past?

Lysistrata: Exactly! Who ever does not want to wear a mask will be left without sex!

Kaloniki: It will come very heavy on them!