56421 - The strike

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Myrrini: Is that true?

Lampito: Yes, of course.

Myrrini: We will go on strike.

Lampito: We did so for such and such matters, and we wouldn’t for that?

Myrrini: Would there be any strike-breakers?

Lampito: There are always some! But we will take the wind off their sails!

Myrrini: I do not believe it will happen!

Lampito: And yet again it is already occurring.

Myrrini: And will that last for days?

Lampito: As many as necessary.

Myrrini: And will we endure?

Lampito: In the name of Athena! How many times a week do you screw ?

Myrrini: One screw a day keeps the doctor away.

Lampito: I got it…

Myrrini: What?

Lampito: Dick by dick the pussy gets filled.

Myrrini: And what should I do, the poor old thing! Is it so bad?

Lampito: No, quite the contrary, with women like you, men will endure even less!

Myrrini: See! We do something right as well!