56423 - The tough celibacy

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Myrrini: Things are getting harder and harder.

Lampito: This is exactly what we want.

Myrrini: But they are just about to explode!

Lampito: If they put on their masks, the problem will be solved!

Myrrini: But they are under the impression that with a little muscat they will make things happen..

Lampito: When they are dead we will see what they will pop out.

Myrrini: We have to wait for them to die.

Lampito: No silly! Don’t you see how they act now.

Myrrini: I can see alright! Zucchinis have sprouted everywhere!

Lampito: We will keep holding back!

Myrrini: Oh, oh, what are you doing to us!

Lampito: Just magine how they feel!

Myrrini: I can imagine it from the magnitude of the problem!

Lampito: You are trying not to lose even a centimeter!

Myrrini: Isn’t that the point?

Lampito: What will I do with you! I’m holding back!

Myrrini: I have been restricting my self for days as well!

Lampito: What is important is not to give up.

Myrrini: Even if I want it?

Lampito: Especially then!

Myrrini: And I have to tease him as well?

Lampito: Of course, you are the spearhead