56424 - Wind blown upon the wave

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Kaloniki: Last night I drove him crazy !

Lysistrata: And you had the result we wanted.

Kaloniki: With all that I did to him… How could he resist?;

Lysistrata: Good on you, Kaloniki, I wish they were all like you.

Kaloniki: What do the others do?

Lysistrata: They are fighters my arse !

Kaloniki: But I thought we should have put the lock…

Lysistrata: Do not say it again! I did not mean that!

Kaloniki: Then what?

Lysistrata: That they are not doing so well…

Lysistrata: Now that you mention it… We ought to take advantage of every part of our body!

Kaloniki: I do that anyway.

Lysistrata: Maybe I ought to get you to show them some tricks!

Kaloniki: But isn’t the vaginal entrance forbidden?

Lysistrata: Really, how can he stand you!

Kaloniki: But I told you that he could not endure anymore!

Lysistrata: You are right, you knocked him out with your good looks!

Kaloniki: And without the… You know!

Lysistrata: You have to explain to the rest, how to fix them up!