56452 - The Persian slippers

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Lysistrata: Did you put on your Persian slippers?

Kaloniki: It is so we can show to the rest of us what we are about to do to those who want to invade.

Lysistrata: Say that again!

Kaloniki: We drove the Persians away, no one came through!

Lysistrata: Yes right.. But. .

Kaloniki: They will not enter as well!

Lysistrata: So just say my girl, I did not understand where you were coming from…

Kaloniki: If you coold see to where I towed his trireme!

Lysistrata: What did you do again?

Kaloniki: I showed the others how to say: My body!

Lysistrata: And did they do it?

Kaloniki: Did they? Did they do it ! They kicked the hell out of him!

Lysistrata: Good on you!

Kaloniki: Bare in mind is only a matter of a few hours!

Lysistrata: May that go straight to Zeus’s ear.

Kaloniki: He knows about such things!

Lysistrata: And where did they do it to him?

Kaloniki: At the Acropolis of course! And in the sound of music. They counted every libation and every dactyl.

Lysistrata: You did not leave them sitting in the halfpenny place.