56453 - The ceasefire

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Myrrini: Did you get the news?
Lampito: What happened?
Myrrini: They fixed them all up at the Acropolis!
Lampito: Quite right! where else!
Myrrini: How do you know?
Lampito: In Sparta we all know about the Acropullus!
Myrrini: Such a reputation, wow!
Lampito: And now what’s the state of their vegetables?
Myrrini: What vegetables my dear, the entire vegetable garden is ready.
Lampito: She was right in saying that they will not last long.
Myrrini: And when did they last long?
Lampito: Say that again.
Myrrini: Soon they will send us an official document for the ceasefire!
Lampito: Good! Because I’ve missed the instrument.
Myrrini: With the ceasefire we will enjoy them for days.
Lampito: See how important peace is.
Myrrini: Congratulations to Lysistrata!
Lampito: She succeeded again!