56454 - The masked ones

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Lysistrata: We did it! They all put on their masks!
Kaloniki: Mine wouldn’t dare take it off!
Lysistrata: Still!
Kaloniki: I have my loveliness, you know, how would it come off? He is not Hermes!
Lysistrata: I understand that a lot of wine was spilled!
Kaloniki: He was unstoppable I tell you!
Lysistrata: Men are like that though!
Kaloniki: Isn’t it good?
Lysistrata: What do you mean?
Kaloniki: If they were not constantly thinking about their prick, how would we make ends meet.
Lysistrata: You are not wrong.
Kaloniki: However, they did put their signature upon the cease fire.
Lysistrata: Now the other part can be put in its place as well!
Kaloniki: Finally!
Lysistrata: I was about to burst as well!
Kaloniki: You haven’t found yours yet.
Lysistrata: Time is with us.
Kaloniki: Oh dear, what’s about to happen? Squeeze him out of all his juices so he can learn what it is like to wage war.
Lysistrata: Long live PEACE!